Jeong Eunji (Apink) to make solo comeback in October

This will be Jeong Eunji's first solo comeback in over a year and four months.

Published 1 year ago

On August 27th it was revealed by Plan A that Jeong Eunji will be making her solo comeback in October. The format of her comeback release has yet to be determined along side her promotional plans for the upcoming comeback. This will be Jeong Eunji's first solo comeback in over a year and four months. Plan A states that because it has been a while, Jeong Eunji will likely show her growth as an artist for this comeback and is asking for fans to anticipate the comeback.

Jeong Eunji who is the main vocalist for girl group Apink made her solo debut in 2016 with Dream. Eunji was able to showcase her talents with the title track "하늘바라기 (Hopefully Sky)" which she co-wrote. In addition, Eunji had won music broadcasts, and she sold over 30,000 physicals for her debut release, which is not common for female solo artists.

A year after her solo debut, Eunji made a follow up comeback with the mini album 공간 (The Space) and promoted the title track "너란 봄 (The Spring)". Eunji was able to show her maturity as an artist through the folk-pop track through the song's warmth.

Jeong Eunji has showcased her power vocals through many instances, and has also won awards at the MMAs (MelOn Music Awards) as a solo artist. Jeong Eunji is set to greet fans with her new album this October.

Currently, Jeong Eunji is taking part in the film 0.0MHz which is underway filming, after completing activities with her group Apink promoting their latest title track "1도 없어 (I'm So Sick)". Eunji will also be participating in Apink's upcoming 2018 Apink Asia Tour within the coming months.