DAY6's Jae speaks out about lack of promotion for his personal content from JYP Entertainment

Published 2 months ago

Starting at around 8:00 PM KST on June 29th, DAY6's Jae posted a series of Tweets seemingly aimed at JYP Entertainment (and sub-label Studio J) for a lack of promotions and support for his own projects. The tweets come after the official DAY6 Twitter account (@day6official) promoted a collaboration between FLO (a streaming service) and DIVE studios (a production studio co-founded by Eric Nam) that fellow DAY6 member Young K participated in.

Jae quoted the tweet, asking why the company had not posted or promoted any of Jae's work with DIVE Studios (which include both as a guest on Eric Nam's podcast K-Pop Daebak w/ Eric Nam as well as Jae's own DIVE Studios–produced podcast How Did I Get Here? w/ Jae of DAY6).

The next day, Jae posted the following tweet, discussing his multiple personal projects. Our translation follows below.

I have recently done the podcasts, "Hwaiting" which is available on Facebook, and had collaboration work with 88rising, how come my activities are not shared?

Hwaiting is a competitive game series produced by DIVE Studios and posted on Facebook. Jae's collaboration with 88rising (an American media group known for featuring Asian American and Asian artists) included multiple singles hosted on the 88rising YouTube channel (LA TRAINS, PINOCCHIO, and Guess Not) and a feature appearance at the 88rising's Head in the Clouds festival in Indonesia earlier this year.

Jae then posted an even longer Tweet after that, mentioning his YouTube channel that seemingly was halted at the direction of Studio J or JYP Entertainment. Our translation follows below.

Youtube too, for JaeSix, that was all by me working alone, I was told by the company a lot of things, I had to beg for permission but even after all of this, they told me that it was ruining the company's image so I had to quit. But the rest of the members get content and proper management and investments to their works.

JaeSix is the name of Jae's YouTube series he released in 2018.