ARIAZ members shed tears as Yunji talks about debuting after 7 years of training

Published 1 year ago

New girl group ARIAZ held their media showcase for their debut mini album 'Grand Opera' on October 24.

During the showcase, leader Yunji introduced the album: "We want to show you all of ARIAZ's colors through this album. Our goal is to make people say 'That song is ARIAZ'."

She then started tearing up as she said, "Because we have been training for 7 years, lasting 70 years doesn't seem like a problem for us."

Yunji has had the longest training period out of the members at 7 years. As a Star Empire trainee, she has appeared in multiple audition programs such as 'Superstar K5' in 2013, 'Produce 101' in 2016, and 'MIXNINE' in 2017, each time unable to debut. Finally, she is making her debut in ARIAZ under Star Empire's subsidiary Rising Star Entertainment and is overcome with emotion.

As Yunji shed tears, Dawon and Sihyeon also started crying.

"Many people were worried [about me being able to debut]. Personally, I think all the experiences I've had in the long time as a trainee, rather than tiring me out, they were what kept me going."

Looking back on the 7 years of her trainee life, Yunji said, "Up until this morning I didn't really comprehend that I'm actually debuting. Yesterday, trying to hold back tears, we told each other 'Let's work hard. I love you.'"

She finished, "This is such a thrilling and happy moment. We promise to be a group that works hard to give you this feeling and mindset."

ARIAZ released their debut mini album 'Grand Opera' at noon on the 24th. Check out the music video to their title song "Moonlight Aria"!