Red Velvet's Wendy to release solo album in April

Published 4 months ago | Updated 4 months ago

On March 10th, StarNews shared that Red Velvet's Wendy will be releasing a solo album next month in April.

SM Entertainment later confirmed the news sharing that Red Velvet's Wendy is planning to release an album next month in April.

This will be Wendy's debut as a solo artist, 7 years after her debut with Red Velvet. Following Irene & Seulgi's unit debut, Wendy will become the first member of Red Velvet to make her solo debut.

Wendy debuted with Red Velvet as their main vocalist back in August of 2014 with their title track "행복 (Happiness)". Wendy has been noted her vocals and skill in singing sharing both a gentle voice that expresses both warmth and clarity.

Wendy has worked with many artists releasing duets like John Legend, Yang Dail, and Eric Nam through SM STATION releases. Wendy has also shared solo OSTs for many dramas.

Wendy has been on hiatus since the end of 2019 following a fall from SBS Gayo's rehearsal. Since her return, Wendy has been returning to her activities as an artist through pictorials as well as an MC for JTBC's "신비한 레코드샵 (Mysterious Record Shop)". This upcoming solo album release will be an amazing gift to her fans.

Lots of anticipation rises ahead of what Wendy will showcase as a soloist in her upcoming solo debut.