Dispatch shares details on the events surrounding X1's disbandment

Published 4 months ago

Dispatch is reporting the timeline of final two hours before X1's disbandment. Specifically the agencies' decision to disband X1 and events that happened on January 6th (the day of their disbandment). Reportedly, X1's disbandment ultimately came down to a decision of profitability of the group versus the individual members.

On the 6th, nine agencies representing the 11 members of X1 met to vote on whether or not to keep X1 together as a group. The nine agencies were were Play M, Yuehua, TOP Media, OUI, MBK, Woollim, DSP Media, Starship, and BRANDNEW MUSIC. The terms for the vote required unanimous support for the group to stay together in order to pass; X1 would be disbanded if a single member agency voted against staying together.

All agency votes were anonymous. The final results were:

  • Four voted "O" (keep X1 as a group)
  • Four voted "X" (disband X1)
  • One voted "△", thus their vote did not count.

Dispatch also looked into events that took place before the vote occurred, specifically focusing on discussions happening between agencies. All times are in KST. Agency names have been replaced with letter placeholders.

4:00 PM & 4:20 PM

Agency representatives met and debated back and forth for hours on the merits of keeping X1. Some of the agencies reportedly did not want their artists to be involved with others in a group.

5:20 PM

Voting commenced and the results were tallied. Agency "D" asked if they could give the members 1-2 days notice in advance before sharing the news with the public. However, Agency "E" said that delaying the announcement would not be beneficial and that X1 members would just have to come to terms with the decision. Many agencies agreed with "E".

5:30 – 6:10 PM

Agency representatives remained together as they waited for the press release to be finished. Swing CEO, Cho Yoomyung, shares that one of the X1 members wanted all group members to be present during the final decision. The other agencies declined the request stating this decision was to be purely made by the agencies and not the group members.

6:15 PM

The news of the disbandment was shared with the members of X1. Cho Yoomyung suggested that X1 put out a final release that they recorded in the winter last year. This was rejected by some of the other agencies. The suggestion of sharing a final video goodbye message was also rejected.


The announcement of X1's disbandment is shared with the news media. At the same time, some members of X1 returned to their dorm to pack their things and leave. Reportedly as of this time there are still some members still residing in the dorm.


Many agencies were shared to have been "at their calculators" prior to the vote (implying that profitability was the primary motivation and determining decision of the vote). It's also reported that many of the agencies plan on having their former-X1 members pursue solo careers like fan meetings. In addition, some of the agencies are reportedly looking into unit activities.