Dispatch 1/1 Couple revealed to be EXO Kai and BLACKPINK Jennie [Update: Confirmed]

Published 1 year ago | Updated 1 year ago

UPDATE: It has been confirmed by SM Entertainment that Kai and Jennie are dating. Congrats to the couple!

On January 1st, Dispatch revealed their new couple.

According to Dispatch, EXO member Kai and BLACKPINK member Jennie have been dating since October since becoming acquainted in October. Kai is 24, while Jennie is 22.

The two were noted to have met at Paris Fashion Week in October, where they took photos shared on SNS on October 3rd at the Eiffel Tower that were supposedly taken by each other. Kai was in Paris to attend Gucci's fashion show and Jennie was attending Chanel's fashion show.

Later, in November, the Kai was caught driving to pick Jennie up at her dorm for a date, later dropping her off at her dorm. The two were seen holding hands outdoors and having a a romantic date at Sky Park.

Dispatch shares more evidence, with notable couple items ranging from matching beanies, scarves, and Converse sneakers being worn the same exact style. Both Kai and Jennie are shared to be in these outfits during schedules and their own free time.

On December 2nd, when Kai returned from schedules from Hawaii as well, he was spotted with a unique bag later held by Jennie on the same day. The bag is shared to have held contents of a gift that Kai had gotten for Jennie.

In October, Jennie had been swept up in dating rumours with multiple people. During this time, YG had denied these rumours.

Currently, media journalists are unable to get in reach with SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment for a statement confirming the dating news between Kai and Jennie.