Dispatch shares GOT7 plan to not renew contracts, JYP Entertainment responds

Published 6 months ago | Updated 6 months ago

On January 10th, Dispatch shared an exclusive report that all members of GOT7 will not be renewing their contracts with JYP Entertainment.

GOT7 made their debut in 2014 and their contracts will come to an end in January. With this, it is shared by Dispatch that their appearance tonight (January 10th) at the 35th Golden Disc Awards will be their last before their contracts expire.

An insider shared that GOT7 have been in discussions with JYP Entertainment with regards to renewals but following different opinions, they have decided to leave their agency.

Jinyoung has been previously shared to be in discussions with BH Entertainment with regards to acting activities.

Another member who was swept up in previously-shared rumours was member Yugyeom, where it is noted he has been in talks with Hip-Hop label AOMG Entertainment, founded by Jay Park.

Youngjae is noted to be in discussions with Sublime Artist Agency, home to Rain and Hani. Update: Sublime Artist Agency confirms they have been in discussions with Youngjae but nothing has been finalised.

Leader JB has received many offers from various agencies to continue his path as a soloist, however, it has yet to be shared which company JB has been in discussions with.

Jackson, who currently is promoting as both a member in GOT7 and a soloist abroad, will be concentrating with his own agency, Team Wang, on future activities, with his Korean activities to be managed by a separate agency.

BamBam is also noted to be planning to continue his activities in Korea and also begin promoting in his home country Thailand. No further details were noted.

Finally, Mark is shared to be planning on returning to the United States to spend time with his family. Mark is shared to be planning on opening a YouTube channel and may also pursue a career as a soloist.

Following these claims being shared by Dispatch, JYP Entertainment shared in a statement with Newsen that it is currently difficult to verify any of the recent news shared and states they will share complete details once everything has been confirmed and finalised.