Former Wanna One members reunite as Bae Jinyoung guests on Ha Sungwoon's radio show

Published 1 year ago

On November 4, Ha Sungwoon hosted his radio show 'Ha Sungwoon's Late Night Idol' with fellow former Wanna One member Bae Jinyoung as a guest!

After Wanna One disbanded last January, Ha Sungwoon debuted as a solo artist while Bae Jinyoung debuted as a member of the boy group CIX. Despite their busy separate schedules and their 6-year age gap, the two former roommates have continued their friendship. During the radio show, they reminisced about old times, teased each other, and spoke about their continued relationship.

The two met in 2017 on Mnet survival show 'Produce 101 Season 2', and on the topic of their first impressions of each other, they said:

Sungwoon: When I first saw [Jinyoung], I thought that he was so handsome and that he would succeed in whatever he does.

Jinyoung: When I saw [Sungwoon], I really loved his voice so I always asked him to sing.

Sungwoon: Yeah, why did you bother me like that!

Sungwoon continued to joke with Jinyoung as he complimented the younger idol with a play on words, saying:

I heard that Jinyoung has already mastered 3 languages: Korean (Hanguk-eo), cute (kwiyo-weo), and lovely (sarangseuro-weo)

Jinyoung revealed that he has Sungwoon saved in his phone as Gureumi (Cloud) Hyung, and convinced Sungwoon to save his name in a cute way, Ji-nyoung-ie:

Sungwoon reminisced about Jinyoung being difficult to wake up in the morning when the two shared a room during their time with Wanna One. Jinyoung imitated Sungwoon trying to wake him up:

He also revealed that Jinyoung slept over at his house this past October, and Sungwoon left him sleeping while he went out for his schedules:

Referencing the fact that Jinyoung used to starve himself to the point of fainting during their time with Wanna One, Sungwoon asked that he be sure to eat and not to worry about his weight. He also left Jinyoung with the advice to live his life comfortably without any worries:

After the show, Sungwoon uploaded photos of them both at the radio station with the caption:

BaeBae Prince 😘 #Jinyoungieapproved #Jinyoungieselcaing #Jinyoungiehwaiting

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배배프린스😘 #진영이가올리래 #진영이가찍어줌 #진영이화이팅

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Fans of the two rejoiced at their continued friendship after many months.

In other news, Ha Sungwoon will release a collaboration song on Heize's Youtube channel this week, and CIX will release their second mini album 'Hello, Strange Place' on November 19.