Dispatch shares Pledis founder, Han Sungsoo unfairly received IZ*ONE royalties using wife's name

Published 4 months ago

On May 26th, Dispatch shared an exclusive investigative report into Han Sungsoo, the founder of Pledis who had unfairly registered his wife to receive copyright royalties as a lyricist under the pseudonym SO JAY.

SO JAY is credited exclusively as a lyricist for eight IZ*ONE releases. Five of these songs were featured on IZ*ONE mini albums with the other three on IZ*ONE's regular album. It is noted that producers for these eight IZ*ONE tracks do not have information on the identity of SO JAY.

SO JAY's name was registered to the Korean Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) in November 2018, around the same time as IZ*ONE's debut. SO JAY's name was registered as Park XX.

One of the noteworthy songs listing SO JAY's participation is "앞으로 잘 부탁해 (We Together)". "We Together" was a song produced and released on September 1st, 2018, originally for the Mnet survival program "PRODUCE 48" which produced the project group IZ*ONE. At the time of the song's release on PRODUCE 48, SO JAY was not credited as a lyricist. On October 29th, 2018 when IZ*ONE debuted, "We Together - IZ*ONE Version" was included on their first release with SO JAY's name included as a lyricist. However, the lyrics of the PRODUCE 48 version and the IZ*ONE version were identical.

Another example being shared by Dispatch was the IZ*ONE song, "Pink Blusher", which was composed by BOOMBASTIC. Despite BOOMBASTIC composing the song, SO JAY is reported to be receving 1.5 times more of the royalties.

Dispatch has noted that Han Sungsoo's wife is a visual director and does not have any background in music or producing, nor did she participate in the production of any songs for IZ*ONE. Thus the royalties she is currently earning are undeserved as these eight songs should not have her name attached to them.

Han Sungsoo shares that he wanted to use his wife's name for credit as he wanted to be recognised as a producer but was afraid using his own name would have created a potential bias.

At the time of publishing, Pledis Entertainment has not shared a statement regarding the current events, with media currently attempting to contact the company for a statement.