Secret's Song Jieun to make comeback July 26th with mini album

Published 1 year ago

On July 15th it was shared that Secret's Song Jieun will be making a comeback on July 26th with a new mini album.

This will be Jieun's first release in over 4 years since the release of her 2nd mini album back in 2016 titled "Bobby Doll". Song Jieun had recently teased a comeback sharing recording sessions and also the release of a new album.

Following legal disputes with Song Jieun's former agency, TS Entertainment, it is shared that Jieun is making her comeback without an agency and has been able to work to make a comeback with the album.

Song Jieun made her debut in 2009 with girl group Secret, the group has shared numerous hits like "Magic (매직)", "Madonna (마돈나)", "사랑은 Move (Love is MOVE)", and "별빛달빛 (Starlight Moonlight)". Song Jieun has also been noted as a soloist releasing her own tracks like "미친거니 (Going Crazy)", and "예쁜나이 25 (Twenty Five)".

Aside from being a singer, Jieun has also made a career in acting through tvN's "초인시대 (The Superman Age)", KBS 1TV's "우리집 꿀단지 (Sweet Home, Sweet Honey", and OCN's "애타는 로맨스 (My Secret Romance)", Jieun has also appeared in the webdrama "우웅우웅2". On top of both acting and singing, Jieun has recently created her own YouTube channel to connect with fans.

Lots of anticipation is rising ahead of Song Jieun's return as a singer who has been acting and and sharing OSTs since.