INFINITE's Woohyun enlists in military

Published 1 year ago

On October 24th, it was shared by OSEN that Woohyun will be enlisting at the Nonsan Bootcamp Training Centre located in South Chungcheong. Woohyun will undergo basic military training and later serve as a public service worker due to his physical condition. Woohyun had sustained a shoulder injury dating back to 2014, which causes many difficulties and issues to serve as an active duty officer.

Woohyun's enlistment follows after members Kim Sunggyu, Jang Dongwoo, Hoya (Lee Howon), Lee Sungyeol, and Lee Sungjong have made their enlistments, with Sunggyu being the first to enlist back in May of 2018. Since the enlistment of the members in INFINITE, INFINITE's group activities have been on hiatus.

Woohyun's enlistment was also made notice through fans, the fans are sending their support to Woohyun.

Woohyun recently met with fans through his solo fan meeting prior to his enlistment held at the KBS Arena. Woohyun who at the time shared that he had intentions of enlisting quietly was supported by fans alongside him, quietly.

Woohyun made his debut in 2010 with INFINITE. Woohyun has not only garnered recognition in Korea, but also overseas, and in addition has been loved by fans as a soloist. Woohyun has been also recognized for his abilities in producing music.

Recently, Woohyun also challenged being a musical actor taking part in "Barnum : The Greatest Showman", "그날들 (The Days)", and "메피스토 (Mephisto)".