Heize joins PSY's label, P NATION

Published 2 months ago

Singer-songwriter Heize is shared to have become P NATION's latest artist.

On September 16th, P NATION shared that they had recently signed an exclusive contract with Hezie following their strong relationship, they are excited to have a singer-songwriter with amazing talents join the P NATION family.

Heize made her debut in 2014, and since then has released many hits like "‘돌아오지마 (Don't Come Back)", "저 별 (Star)", "And July", "널 너무 모르고’ (Don't Know You)", "비도 오고 그래서 (You, Clouds, Rain)", "젠가 (Jenga)", "SHE’S FINE", and "떨어지는 낙엽까지도 (Falling Leaves are Beautiful)". It is noteworthy to share that many of her songs have been self-written and she has been noted for her artistic colour and character as a singer.

Heize has won multiple awards including "Top 10 Artists", and "Best R&B / Soul" at the Melon Music Awards, as well as "Best Hip-Hop & Urban Music", "Best Vocal Performance – Solo" at the MAMA awards.

P NATION shares that they can't wait to work with Heize who has such unique vocals as well as being such a great songwriter. P NATION asks fans to anticipate Heize future activities that will be shared through P NATION.

CJ ENM also had commented with regards to Heize, as Heize made her debut under their label and was with them until recently. CJ ENM will continue to support Heize's future.

P NATION is currently home to PSY, who is also their CEO, Jessi, HyunA, Crush, DAWN, and now Heize.