Ravn reveals ONEUS's song "Red Thread" was originally for Wanna One

Published 4 months ago

ONEUS member Ravn has revealed that the song "Red Thread (붉은실)" from ONEUS's debut album was almost Wanna One's song!

According to Ravn in a VLIVE broadcast he held on October 13th, the track guide to "Red Thread", created by RBW's in-house producers Yongbae and Lee Hoosang, had been submitted to Wanna One to appear on their final album. However, it was rejected in favor of a different song.

Afterwards, Ravn approached RBW's CEO and requested that the song be given to ONEUS instead. After gaining the consensus of the other members of the soon-to-debut group, the CEO agreed to let ONEUS release the song.

"Red Thread" was then released as a track on the group's debut album 'LIGHT US' this past January and became loved by fans for its emotional melody and its moving lyrics. The song is about a search to reconnect with a loved one whom the singer felt had been connected to them by the red thread of fate.

This was not the only song that narrowly missed being on Wanna One's final album. Earlier this year, producer duo Flow Blow revealed that Ong Seongwu's song "Heart Sign" had been submitted to Wanna One as a contender for their final title track, but "Spring Breeze" was picked instead.

In other news, ONEUS's promotional activities have been in full swing for their third mini album 'FLY WITH US'.